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Protocol-Wide Strategy for LiquidLoans

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What's This?

TidalWave is an integration of LiquidLoans' Stability and LOAN Staking Pools, into a "positive feedback loop". Any address can donate to the contract, and it will allocate to buying and staking both LOAN and USDL.

This contract will earn more LOAN and USDL (which it will compound into staking on next deposit), as well as , which will be sent to a nominated recipient as WPLS whenever rewards from LiquidLoans' staking are harvested.

Whenever WPLS remains from rewards being harvested, any address can claim a bounty of 5% of the WPLS balance - the rest goes to NFT Stakers and the ISLAND Rewards Pool.

Please do your own research before using this application. To the greatest extent possible, Function Island has been implemented to be accessible directly on-chain without a user interface. This website and associated APIs have been provided for convenience. Ultimately you are interacting with no other party other than the blockchain itself and are 100% responsible for your transactions. The Function Island community is a decentralized autonomous organization and is never liable for losses that happen using this user interface.