Island Reserve

Island Reserve

Collateral Management & Fully-backed Stable token

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  • 💲 My iDAI0
  • 💸 My iBOND0
  • 🔒 My Staked iBOND0
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Island Reserve is a specialized contract which controls the backing, creation and redemption of iBOND. iBOND costs 1 DAI to mint, and awards 0.9 DAI when redeemed. iBOND can be paired with various tokens or used in ecosystems relevant to Function Island, such as the Island Farm or Vaults.

There is 0 iDAI available to earn for staking iBOND.
Mint iBOND
DAI Amount: Approved: 0 DAI
Balance: 0 DAI
Redeem iBOND
iBOND Amount: My iBOND: 0
Rewards Booster
Unused Collateral
0 iDAI
For Rewards
Mint iDAI to the booster and earn 0 iDAI as a bounty!
Stake iBOND
iBOND Amount: Approved: 0 iBOND
Balance: 0 iBOND
Unstake iBOND
iBOND Amount: Staked iBOND: 0
A 2% Unstake Fee applies to this pool.
Buy iDAI
DAI Amount: Enter an amount of DAI to buy iDAI with.
My Balance: 0 DAIOne DAI = 0
Sell iDAI
iDAI Amount: Enter an amount of iDAI to sell for DAI.
My Balance: 0 iDAIOne iDAI: 0
Reserve Stats

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  • 🌌 Emission Rate0
  • 💸 Surplus0
  • 💰 Withdrawable0
  • 💪 iBOND Supply0
  • 💲 iDAI Supply0
  • ⏳ Pending iDAI0
  • 🏦 Total Funds0
Please do your own research before using this application. To the greatest extent possible, Function Island has been implemented to be accessible directly on-chain without a user interface. This website and associated APIs have been provided for convenience. Ultimately you are interacting with no other party other than the blockchain itself and are 100% responsible for your transactions. The Function Island community is a decentralized autonomous organization and is never liable for losses that happen using this user interface.