Help & FAQs

Function Island D1VS
What is D1VS?
D1VS is an Hourglass-style smart contract deployed on the TRON blockchain. Its primary purpose is to serve as a variable "Store of Value", with a gamified method of participation popularly known as Proof of Weak Hands. Anyone holding "D1VS" can earn TRX dividends, proportionate to D1VS held. The price and value of D1VS fluctuates at the mercy of holder actions - the price and value of D1VS rises and falls proportionately as participants deposit and withdraw TRX to/from the Hourglass contract.

Buying and Selling D1VS
To buy or sell D1VS, you will simply need to visit the Function Island website with a browser that has TronLink installed, or with a mobile Dapp browser like Klever Wallet, and go to the "My D1VS" tab. From there, you will be able to transact with the D1VS smart contract, so long as your wallet is unlocked, and you have enough TRX to cover transaction fees.

Reinvesting and Withdrawing dividends
Reinvesting means buying more D1VS directly with your dividends (saving the gas cost of withdrawing TRX dividends, then buying more D1VS). Remember: the portion of D1VS supply you have is what governs the percentage of all dividends you receive!

Want to stop? Had enough dividends?
If you would no longer like to earn dividends by holding D1VS, simply follow the instructions to sell D1VS (all of them), and withdraw your TRX. Thank you for playing!
The Pricefloor and FloodMaker
What is Pricefloor?
PriceFloor is a specialised contract, which acts like a human player, with one major difference: It is engineered to only buy as many D1VS as it can with the Dividends it has earned. This has the effect of raising the minimum price which D1VS will ever be sold at - and since the Price Floor contract can never sell, transfer or destroy its D1VS, this minimum value will only grow larger over time as the D1VS platform is used.

What is FloodMaker?
FloodMaker is a newer, upgraded version of the Pricefloor contract - it acts in the same way (thus, a booster to an already solid floor), but with one major difference - FloodMaker is able to receive TRX and handle it directly, whereas Pricefloor can only handle D1VS directly. This means, if a future Function Island Dapp, game or contract takes a TRX fee of any kind, it is very possible to send that fee to FloodMaker, so it can benefit every D1VS holder!

What happens when I activate them?
There is no individual benefit to activating these contract's functions... Instead, doing so benefits every D1VS holder, because both the contracts are designed to lock up D1VS forever, thus raising the floor price permanently!

Function Adspace
What is Adspace?
Adspace is a contract which enables a sort of on-chain advertising. Specifically, it allows Function Island's website to display advertising from anyone on the TRON network, by a simple method of text-and-link based message broadcasting! The Adspaces are shown in various locations of the Function Island website, and allow others to share their message to the Island userbase.

How does it work?
Using Adspace is really easy! All you have to do is click or tap here, and fill out the form on the page. You will need to provide a few details:

  • A title
  • A link to a logo or image representing your message
  • Your actual message to share
  • A link to the website or relevant material you are advertising

Once you have filled out the form, select a number of days (up to 20) which you would like to hire the Adspace for, and observe the relevant fees. Presently, the Adspace is being offered to users for a fixed rate of 2,000 TRX per day. This rate is subject to change at the discretion of Function Island team - but of course, we'll let our community know if it does change!

What is the contents and refund policies of Adspace?
You can generally share most kinds of content (yes, that includes your best referral link to that new Dapp or game!) - however, we (Function Island team) reserve the right to remove or overwrite any Ad which we deem to be of an inappropriate nature. Things you cannot share on Adspace include Politics, Drugs, Alcohol or prohibited items, grey-market services or markets - but this list is not limited. Due to the nature of the services provided, no refunds will be issued in any circumstance.