About Function Island

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Function Island is a project built on the TRON network, created by MrFunction. The project started in September of 2020, and since then, has been growing and evolving with a tight-nit community to support it. The platform is designed to host Dapps, Games and smart contracts for its community.

The most popular contract of Function Island thus far is the D1VS game.

A note from the Developer

Function Island is a project which I have created, because I too am a Dapp user / smart contract player / game enthusiast - but I dislike most of the offerings out there, because a lot of them are ROI-based games, or games based on bad mechanics. This is supposed to be my answer to that - what I believe to be a solid foundation for building upon. Thank you for giving Function Island a chance!

Terms of Use

The Dapps, games and contracts hosted on this site are for entertainment purposes only, and should not be considered as investment products. By using this site, you acknowledge that the only party you're interacting with is the TRON Blockchain itself, and in no way shall developers be held responsible for any losses which result from you using or activating the dapps, games or contracts on Function Island.

Island Contracts & DYOR

Regardless of the developer, platform, publisher, or any aspect of dapps, games or contracts - it is important to perform your own research, prior to interacting with such materials. With this in mind, Function Island maintains a list of ALL its active contracts in a table below - that way, you can easily find them... You're welcome!

Contract Links
Hourglass - TJ9KV8DdVhVbPAMWVHEHYnXBA4vqLwk6Jr View
Pricefloor - TRrLSZknfHCS8ejYoffGsH5EeRQ4WwT2Mt View
Floodmaker - TLfJEz4sKZHnUw1yMHf3pY8wXLLZnJc3pr View
Adspace - TYTH39B5AAbzfirpzQyydWmP7szRmuL8yp View